An app was developed as well as a web version for those who do not have a smartphone or tablet.

The aim of OL@-OR@ was to design a mobile health (mHealth) tool in partnership with our Māori and Pasifika Communities to help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

You can access the web version of the app from a laptop or computer - go to www.ola-ora.co.nz

The logo was designed by both the Māori and Pasifika communities who are part of the co-design process of this project.  The sails depict the journey that people have travelled and will travel to get to better health as well as the journey we have travelled as part of this project.  Each of the sails has designs that resonate with each of the communities.  These designs are continued throughout the websites and app.

·         Helps you (and your whānau/family) to improve your health and wellbeing by making small changes to your lifestyle.

·         Supports you in setting goals and make small steps to reach those goals.

·         Encourages you to invite others to join you in this journey.

·         Collects culturally-tailored rewards as you achieve your goals.

·         Sends regular reminders and motivational messages to help you use the tool and reach your goals.

·         Gives you information about food, physical activity, local activities and health services.

·         Helps you to monitor your progress using lifestyle trackers

People cannot see anything on your facebook page via the app.  Choosing the option to login via facebook is to make it easier for you so you don’t have to input as many details. The app only acquires from facebook the information required to log you in.

The website has most of the functionality of the app – go to www.ola-ora.co.nz

There are different ways to register.

  1. You can be invited by a  friend to participate
  2. You can be registered by a community coordinator
  3. You can self-register

Your friends need to have either the app or the web version and have registered and consented before they can use it.

Yes you will need regular internet access to be able to participate in the study.  Some functions of the app will work when you are offline but the majority only work when you connect to the internet.

Yes you can login using your facebook account.  You will need to create an OL@-OR@ account first though.

No, you will need to have your own smartphone or tablet to participate in the study BUT a large amount of the functionality is available via the website as well.