The Fono

Vision: Well, safe, vibrant and informed communities

Founded: 1989


People involved with OL@-OR@: Tevita Funaki and Sally Dalhousie



What was it about OL@-OR@ that made you want to be a partner on this project?

The opportunities for Pacific communities to contribute to the co-design process of a mobile health tool.

How have you contributed to OL@-OR@ so far?

Sally and Tevita have worked hard with coordinating focus groups and recruiting, facilitating and transcribing focus groups transcripts which have in turn helped to shape the mobile health tool.  As well as this, attending project trainings, meetings and maintaining communications has enabled us to maintain a voice that has made this tool relevant to the Pasifika communities that we represent.

How will you contribute to OL@-OR@ in the future?

We will continue to meet the obligations of our contract throughout the trialling of the tool and encourage our communities to use the tool and feedback so that we can help to make it even better.

What has your community enjoyed about being involved with the project?

Being able to share their ideas and consider the questions asked, hearing the feedback of others and being empowered to have a voice throughout the design phase. Being paid for their time was particularly important for the younger participants.