Pasific Heartbeat Symposium

On Wednesday 16th May 2018 our pasific partners from The Fono, SWPICS and Riz will be attending this symposium in Wellington.  We look forward to seeing their presentation on OL@-OR@.

Toi Tangata's OL@-OR@ Update

Toi Tangat has produced a great one pager that shows the highlights of OL@-OR@.

It can be found here.

Maori Television report

Maori Television did a piece on OL@-OR@ and can be found online at

OL@-OR@ in eHealth News article

On 18th April ran an article about OL@-OR@ titled 'Māori and Pacific health app trialled'.  The article quoted both Emily Hughes from The Fono (our Pasifika partner) and Jacqui Grey, Project Manager from the project team.  The article can be found at by clicking on this link

OL@-OR@ App launch press release by Toi Tangata

Toi Tangata has issued a press release on 31st January that is on titled 'New adventures and journeys on the digital health highway'.  This can be found at


Poster Presentation

Marjolein presented a poster of the trial.

To see the poster click here.

OL@-OR@ App launch

On 31st January we official launched the trial and showcased the app and web tool.

We created a video to show what the OL@-OR@ app does - you can see it here

Here are the members of the team that attended the launch.


Radio interview about OL@-OR@

Crystal Pekapo from Toi Tangata (one of our partners) did a radio interview on Waatea radio on 1st Feb 2018.  See link below for the interview.

Publication by Lisa Te Morenga

Co-designing an mHealth tool in the New Zealand Māori community with a “Kaupapa Māori” approach