Mission statement: Caring for Pacific people, today for tomorrow

Founded: SWPICS was informally created in 1974 and became an entity in 1999.

Website: www.swpics.org.nz

People involved with OL@-OR@: Akarere Henry & Mereaumate Vano



What was it about OL@-OR@ that made you want to be a partner on this project?

We saw this project as an opportunity to provide a valuable tool for our community.  Additionally the chance to learn more about the concept of co-design and the tools that are used in that process.

How have you contributed to OL@-OR@ so far?

We have provided a rural and cultural lens and perspective to the co-design process and the final product.

How will you contribute to OL@-OR@ in the future?

As we have contributed to the final product us and our communities will ensure that this trial is given every support to be successful..

What has your community enjoyed about being involved with the project? 

Our communities feel that they are being valued for their input.  The feedback has been that they are happy to see the suggestions that they are making being immediately included in the next stage of information that is distributed.