People involved with OL@-OR@: Crystal Pekepo and the Waiwhetu community



What was it about OL@-OR@ that made you want to be a partner on this project?

This was a huge opportunity for our community voice to be at the forefront of supporting and influencing Māori oranga.

How have you contributed to OL@-OR@ so far?

By being a part of the co-design and innovation and providing feedback on the prototyping, we have been able to influence a Te Ao Māori lense on this mHealth tool.

How will you contribute to OL@-OR@ in the future?

We will be contributing to the progress and innovation of this application through continual feedback for improvement.

What has your community enjoyed about being involved with the project? 

Having our voices heard and input valued. We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of co creating a tool that contributes to Māori and Pasifika wellbeing.